The Vastness Within

Such a mystery it is, the constant struggle of the mind with its worries, fears & anxieties, on a backdrop of infinite peace and space. The juxtaposition is mysterious, funny and just wonderful to witness within. Everything I ever wish to speak is the same, the beauty I feel within, the outpouring of joy from... Continue Reading →

Guru Purnima 2020 – A time for review

Happy Gurupurnima folks! Guru Purnima is the day to pause, acknowledge and celebrate all that life has given us. And, its an especially special day for someone on the spiritual path. When you are on the path, progress happens in leaps and bounds, and this day is lovingly celebrated in the presence of one’s spiritual... Continue Reading →

The presence of the present moment

The present moment speaks a truth so beautiful, a little shift is all that is needed to hear its melody. An ever-present continuum this present, with presence so easy to forget. It is the base upon which life exists, where existence holds its due place. Ever alive, ever fluid, ever dynamic in its expression and... Continue Reading →

The fortress within

Every soul is in lockdown, from the richest to poorest, strongest to the weakest. Most people on this planet are subject to a challenge so dire, never did the wise foresee it coming. Each person locked in his own room, clipped from his activities, habits, desires and ambitions. The mind’s wings tied up from reaching... Continue Reading →

Padmasadhana meditation

Padmasadhana or Lotus meditation is one of the most beautiful meditation practices out there. With time, it has become my all-favorite practice in Art of Living. When done daily, I find it incredibly restorative, healing and beautiful. And, it has become the one tool that enables me to lead a highly packed lifestyle; a successful... Continue Reading →

The Mystical Journey

A little poem to capture my ecstatic excitement for this mystical inward journey. Time flows ever so steadily, impervious to my story line, Yet, it drags me along, slowly, yet steadily; So, I steady myself, ever so intently, for I am on a journey I know not where, but all I know for sure, is... Continue Reading →

The quest of futility

Something my mind searches for, so elusive, so shy A source, a cause, a hook to explain this turbulence within, without realizing that it is the source of this cloud of dust. Something my mind searches for, so small, and so faint, Looking to blame this misery, this sorrow and this pain on it, without... Continue Reading →

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