Padmasadhana meditation

Padmasadhana or Lotus meditation is one of the most beautiful meditation practices out there. With time, it has become my all-favorite practice in Art of Living. When done daily, I find it incredibly restorative, healing and beautiful. And, it has become the one tool that enables me to lead a highly packed lifestyle; a successful engineer by day, and an Art of Living volunteer in my spare-time , without ever getting to a point of fatigue.

In the early days, it was only given out to Art of living volunteers/teachers, now it finds its way in most/all of Art of living’s advanced programs (DSN, Volunteer training program, Teacher training program, Blessings course, Sanyam to name a few).

Padmasadhana is a 40 min practice composed of

  1. 10 minute yoga sequence (using 5-6 Ujjayi breaths per posture)
  2. 5 minutes of Nadi Shodan Pranayama
  3. 20 min of Sahaj Samadhi meditation (as taught in Art of Meditation)
  4. 5 minutes of Nadi Shodan Pranayama

And, the way it nourishes one is so beautiful, its hard to fathom the beauty it creates within. To me, it feels like my life blossoms into a lotus flower rising out of a muddy pond; full, untouched and complete in its beauty, and unhindered by the muddiness of the pond it rises out of (life).

I practice it twice a day most days on top of my Sudarshan Kriya home practice, and telling you that there is 1 benefit I got from it, does injustice to how completely the practice supports me. And, even on the busiest days, it allows  me to keep a smile on my face, be centered, give my full to the challenges life has to offer and the responsibilities I have an opportunity to take up volunteering with the foundation.

Isn’t that one way to describe the Art of living? :p

As they say, meditation is only for the busy ones, because they are the most to gain from what it has to offer.

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