The presence of the present moment

The present moment speaks a truth so beautiful, a little shift is all that is needed to hear its melody. An ever-present continuum this present, with presence so easy to forget. It is the base upon which life exists, where existence holds its due place.

Ever alive, ever fluid, ever dynamic in its expression and its music, how often do we pause to feel its very presence?

It is where our thoughts arise, our impulses arise, actions happen, and consequences experienced. The very presence this present offers is the backbone of reality. Wherever you go, however you act, whether asleep or awake, the present moment lives there breathing its silence, singing its song.

And today, we stand isolated from all activities our mind most desires, our wings clipped, with life ever monotonous, predictable and almost choiceless in its flavour, nudging the mind to settle, to come here to the one place it wants to escape. Little does the mind realize all the beauty its running away from, the magnanimity of the present.

Here lies all, forgiveness, joy, love, truth, freedom, liberation. Everything the mind, heart and soul craves lives right here, right this moment; the grounding force, the awakening breath, and the transformative hand.

The present, with its presence ever stands with us,

whether awake or asleep, alive or dead, happy or sad, in love or in hate,

the present with its presence lies here to comfort us,

to flush out all that was, and to prevent all that’s to be,

allowing a brief flicker of peace to dawn,

moment after moment, breath after breath.

Whether in action or in silence, the one constant life offers us

is the presence of the present moment,

whispering lullabies, songs and melodies.

Only the highest truth spoken, waiting for this mind of ours to let go,

to drop all that’s false and come here to me,

to this moment that’s ever fresh and new, alive with life,

to keep that smile alive in every cell of our body,

to bring forth a celebration so eternal, so beautiful and so grand,

this presence of the present awaits for its master to descend into the depths of her arms, to settle, to rest, to open its eyes to the throne that awaits.

So, come here my dear, for everything has been prepared.

Everything is ready.

Come home, come to me, I wait for you to take your rightful place in the presence of the present moment, your treasure awaits.

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