The fortress within

Every soul is in lockdown, from the richest to poorest, strongest to the weakest. Most people on this planet are subject to a challenge so dire, never did the wise foresee it coming. Each person locked in his own room, clipped from his activities, habits, desires and ambitions. The mind’s wings tied up from reaching where they long to go. Reality broken, forcing us to stop, to freeze, to be with the one thing we never ever wanted to be with; to be with our own mind.

And, in reality, for most of us, this is a slap in the face lesson from the highest of nature to learn to be with the only thing that matters: YOU. Slowly but surely after the storm subsides, clouds retreat, light dawns, showing a battered reality of what you truly have. Yes, homes will be broken, livelihoods lost, relationships torn apart in this storm that has been brought. But, the only thing that ever truly lasts is YOU. Adversity after adversity we faced on this planet, not because of the said support structure, wealths or community, it is because there exists a place deep within us, that stands strong, no matter any storm.

A place inside our hearts, where no storm can ever enter. A silent space inside our hearts with fortress no entity can ever break into. In lies a home, inside lies a space which is the only home any of us really have.

As nature tests us during these times, some more than others, as barriers get shattered as your inner capacities tested, as said support structure crumbles under the weight of it all, pause a second to look, for a home lies undestroyed in this storm, that lies within, forever in your heart.

So, let everything break, for it doesn’t mean much in the first place. The only treasure, the only wealth, the only thing that matters is right inside, waiting for its master to come back home.

A new World shall be built from the ashes of what has crashed, for now, rest in your heart my dear, Only that matters.

Take a breath, smile within, for, the darkest storms may never take away this one true home, the source of your strength, the source of your life, the source of your power, away from you.

So, rest my dear, while the storm runs its course. The only choice you have is to sit and smile through this all.

As Sri Sri says, this world is not a world, if its smooth, and all joy. Its only here to remind us to tread the journey inwards. So, stop this thirst for external events my dear. Let the storm shake what may, for this reality shifts anyway with only a change in time.

Let go my dear, for what’s in your hand is nothing but hay, so dry it has chapped your palms and sucked away all joy. Let go my dear, for this is a world you have not come to settle, it’s only a passing event.

What is not yours will never be yours no matter how hard you try. Let this be a lesson of the highest kind, reminding you that inside is the only place you must live. Watch this fun, and play what you can, for never again will life be the same again.

Let go my dear, for you have finally learnt that nothing really matters except when you are sitting right in your heart.

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