Guru Purnima 2020 – A time for review

Happy Gurupurnima folks!

Guru Purnima is the day to pause, acknowledge and celebrate all that life has given us. And, its an especially special day for someone on the spiritual path. When you are on the path, progress happens in leaps and bounds, and this day is lovingly celebrated in the presence of one’s spiritual master becoming a day of longing, love and gratitude.

Sri Sri succinctly puts it as the day to “review, re-dedicate and rejoice”.

I chose to go deep within myself and join tens of thousands globally on the online silence meditation program July 1-5, where my home became the retreat centre, my kitchen delivered delicious cooking, seva came in the form of a thorough house-cleaning as I dwelled into silence for a few days. With meditations so deep, special live sessions with Sri Sri so intimate and the knowledge so profound… Its been such a beautiful experience recreating the “ashram experience” at home, adding such sacredness to my living space.

Its especially been a beautiful moment for me to introspect how this year has been. So, I sit to capture my inner voice.

Yet, words fail to escape me, as I slowly come out of such phenomenal inner silence. What do I really want to write? That I feel grounded, cool and calm. That I no longer feel the feverish rise in bliss, only to fear its fall, and my feeble attempts to grip it? That I am feeling free to let go of happy moments? What is, is. And, that seems to be good enough, however it may manifest. That I don’t want to impose my will on this beautiful flow of life? That I merely want to stand in the stillness of my self and let time, life and space flow through me? And, to operate from that still point, one-pointedness towards any action I must do, that it doesn’t matter what the result will be? Because I trust that it will be well?

I no longer wish to feverishly cling to anything. I just want to relax into my poise. And, with one-pointedness move ahead with my duties. Divine’s grace, bliss and love will come, when it does. I really want to drop it all, and just sit still, idly with patience, because it is the way.

So, if you ask me what’s been my progress since last year’s Gurupurnima? Its been this.

So, is this what contentment feels like? Joy without feverishness, happiness without excitement, a smile without hankering and a presence without expectations? Let all go to hell. I don’t want to drop from my idyllic, full state of contentment, because it is so beautiful. 😀

Is this what divine has been trying to teach me all along, that this feeling is so precious, so timeless, eternal?

Feelings will come, rise and fall away. People, relationships, experiences, all only come to leave. Nothing ever truly lasts. But, remove the impermanent, and once you get a glimpse of the eternal continuum that is you, waiting right in your heart, the feeling of contentment that dawns however for a brief flicker of an instant, seems to quench this undying thirst of ages!

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