The Mystical Journey

A little poem to capture my ecstatic excitement for this mystical inward journey.

Time flows ever so steadily, impervious to my story line,

Yet, it drags me along, slowly, yet steadily;

So, I steady myself, ever so intently, for I am on a journey I know not where,

but all I know for sure, is that it is to depths that my imagination could never dare.

A path I have begun, so precise, yet so vast, I know not where I am going,

but I know for sure I am moving ahead with time.

Only that a magical flow is guiding my hand.

So, I stay in stillness to feel this unseen hand, so silent, yet so strong,

ever steadily nudging me ahead, to a destination I slowly see form.

The beauty being carved inside and out;

I stand idly, watching this happen, only to know I have nothing to do but dissolve;

For, something has dawned that empties me inside out, hollowing me for grace to dawn.

As I dissolve, making space for the one, I know the beauty has sprouted for use only by the one.

Let thy flow, from my breath, and my work,

let my step be just for you.

I shall not falter in my will for you.

My every particle has begun speaking thy name. Dawn in me, and let me be your spawn.

Keep making me yours my dear one. I only ever wish to be yours, in totality;

Please guide my way, forward into your arms.

The day is nigh where I no longer am, for I will have dissolved leaving just the one.

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