Weekly kriya followups.

Today, I want to talk about my Friday night outs every week! Its the one thing I really look forward to. Moving to a new city is tough, especially if it is due to work. Where do you make the right set of friends? How do you create/ connect with a group and make meaning friendships like you had during school or growing up in your hometown?

For me, thankfully, I am plugged into the Art of Living network. So, when I moved to Toronto, all I had to do was go to a long Kriya follow up; eligible for the Happiness program graduates. Every week, all across the world, from well organized centers to residential basements, graduates get together for their weekly followup. All I had to do was visit http://www.artofliving.org, put in my coordinates and find the nearest followup. You will be surprised at how many of you have one right next door!

Not only do I get the amazing benefits from the long kriya group practice, I get to connect with dynamic young individuals who have amazing stories to tell. Sometimes the group hangs out afterwards for food, or get together for a nice meaningful volunteer activity. The beauty of these groups is that it is a group of individuals who value the positive spin added to their lives. So, naturally, the group is a highly sattvic (or positive) one. It is an environment that quickly turns strangers into good friends. You have to remember one thing about Art of Living: Everyone is family. And, you are treated as such. The longer I have spent time with the group, the more I have healed from my past issues, and the younger I feel. Its simply because it is the best concentration of good, caring, happy, dynamic, mindful and self-aware people you can run into. They have led me from darkness to light. And, believe it or not, I am academically and professionally more successful as a result.

But, more importantly, I am no longer alone.

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  1. Great sharing! I totally agree. From one meeting that I went, I can feel the camaraderie and positivity you all have in each other. Absolutely great atmosphere.


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