My first Volunteering experience

Where can I start about volunteering? It has been an incredible journey over the last 2 years, as I discovered its joys and perks. It is the most precious gift I could have given myself: a means to self-discovery of my hidden qualities and talents, a sattvic atmosphere to push my boundaries and improve myself, and the sheer delight in watching my improved performance at school.

Seva is beautiful. Seva is any opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life without expectations from either side. It is a dissolution of the self into an unsolicited act that has the potential for positive change. Seva has transformed me. I have always wanted to make a difference but was overwhelmed by the thought of going out of my way to help someone. Where do I start? Whom do I help? How do I help? I knew the World needs volunteers, but how does it work?

It all started the summer of 2015 when I was invited to stay after long kriya to join in a volunteer meeting for organizing the world’s first International Day of Yoga 2015 celebrations . Art of Living was leading the efforts world-wide organizing events in most major cities. I just became part of a beautiful group of volunteers wanting to organize a free event to celebrate yoga in a big way in Montreal.

Until that day, all I did was study and lead a self-centric life style. Every action had to have a measured benefit for the day/week. So, cycling my way to the center every week, indulging myself in volunteer activities without expectation was a delight when I discovered how powerful an activator it is to bring the best in you, around you and through you. Every act was a small push out of my boundaries, and my limited vision of my potential.

That was the summer I switched from being a guest to a host in Montreal and began seeing the beauty of this world for what it is. The world has suddenly become my home and I have embarked on a journey to help my home one small task at a time.

And, for that reason, Montreal and its people hold a special place in my heart, as I am forever indebted to this city for what it has shown me.

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