Art of Living Teacher Training Program (TTP) Experience

I have written quite a few experience pieces about Art of Living programs, but never have I felt so honored writing about THE course of courses; a course such unfathomable in its beauty and its depth, offering experiences so profound and transformations so significant, that we were simply marveled and humbled as our dormant potential started blossoming within us.

Art of Living TTP (Teacher Training Program) is a 2 week intensive, residential program designed for those who would like to teach Happiness Programs. Those who want to take volunteering to a new level, fulfill a long set of requirements (Eg: Happiness Program, Art of Silence, Volunteer Training Program to name a few), apply and a selected few get invited to attend the TTP.

Having prepared my best, I marched into the workshop like a soldier, expecting to battle my darkest demons, or the harshest challenges; having been psychologically overwhelmed with anecdotal half-spoken quotes about what TTP is like. But, what I found was starkly different.

The entire course was flooded with grace, and it felt like I was transported to another world where time stood still. Each moment was so full in its depth, each hour of the program so soaked in wisdom, grace & love that each day felt like an eternity on its own.

We did lots of meditations, slept little and were kept engaged every moment of our 18+ hour days. But, witnessing how I didn’t just survive with under 5 hours of sleep, but thrived in the environment was a humbling reminder of the limitless potential that lies within me and all of us, when we use the right catalysts to bring about the best from us.

And, it was astonishing to see how the processes cleansed us so thoroughly of our internal hesitations/entanglements/worries/fears. TTP is a magical course, designed to accelerate life transformations from decades into a matter of days. And, as days progressed, and each of us shed layers and layers of self-limiting traits/habits/patterns, it was beautiful to see each of us shine in our own unique way. And, yes I have passed the program and am now allowed to teach Happiness Programs as well as Art Excel programs (for kids 8-13).

I had huge expectations on what would happen, what wouldn’t. I came back; I am the same, yet not. A stillness I feel within, a grounding not felt before; a stability in my faith, a poise in my beliefs, and a beautiful composure of humility and love blended into my persona; its almost like a direct highway established from my inner silence to the outside World. And, most importantly. a herd of elephants wouldn’t explain the momentum I feel within, to serve my community through the Art of Living Foundation. Sri Sri says ‘Walk like a King, and be a humble servant’. And this beautiful state of being, gives me glimpses of how he would like Art of Living teachers to be.

More than the happiness of having become a teacher, I feel very humbled at what lies ahead for me. I have a beautiful path to walk, a chance to become a better student, a chance to share life-transformational tools and wisdom with the World, while inspiring people in my community. It’s a beautiful mix of everything I could ever want from a life goal. And mind you the honor is mine, as I begin to tread this journey.

Sri Sri skyped us during our last day, and invited us to ‘Rock the World, share this knowledge, stay focused and keep the balance’, a simple message reminding us of all the responsibilities we are about to shoulder, and to do it with both feet firmly on the ground.

To conclude, I would like to say this: What Art of Living has to offer to the World is no small treasure. We need each and every hand on deck, to take up the vision to create a ‘stress-free, violence free society’. What’s slowing us down from getting there, is only by the hands available. For those who are thinking if journey as an Art of Living teacher is for me, I urge you to take a leap of faith and come join me on this path. While this workshop is a must-do atleast once in this lifetime, the journey that then begins is simply unfathomably beautiful to describe.

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  1. Wao! I have done happiness and advanced program and waiting to do vtp and ttp because what urge of helping the others I saw in you while reading the posts, it was like you penned down my feelings! Thank you for sharing this 🙏


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