What’s the talk about Guru all about?

Most people dearly call Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ‘Guru-ji’. What is a Guru? And, why does it confuse and throw people off course?

Literally, it means a teacher. Spiritually, a Guru is a guide on the path to spiritual progress. But, universally, there is only one meaning: Guru principle is the pervasive, ever-present consciousness in the universe, nudging and guiding every particle in our reality.

The concept of a Guru is weird for most western people. But, it is a result of a giant misunderstanding and cultural bias against. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has always said that the Guru-tattva is ever-present and everywhere, in everyone. Everyone is a Guru to someone, and so is everyone a student.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a Guru to lots of people. He has achieved the pinnacle of human existence; not only is he of a brilliant mind with an extraordinary capacity for achievement, but also his personality is so beautiful and joyous that love permeates through him with the capacity to uplift hundreds of thousands of people in his presence. Have you been to any of his live events? The Guru-tattva shines so bright through him, that millions of us have no choice but to fall in love for his inner beauty. He is my Guru. To me, he is a manifestation of that principle that is present within me, around me and in every moment, teaching me, nurturing me and helping me be my potential.

But, the thing is, you don’t have to agree with me, nor do what lots of people in Art of Living do. Indians especially take Sri Sri’s idolization to epic levels. Sri Sri has never asked for submission, nor has he asked to be idolized. He keeps reiterating that whatever he is, so are you. Wake up and see that we are all one. Mind you; revering parents, elders and teachers is a deep rooted cultural thing in India. Different people do different things when they are in love, and here in Art of Living, everything is okay.

When you meet someone who is such a beautiful soul with a spotless record and a genuine drive to bring the whole world into light, tirelessly touring the World to achieve the universal goals he has championed, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to strive for the best, finding innovative & brilliant ways for global and individual empowerment; and succeeding so with remarkable success, can you do anything but dissolve in love for him, and the principle that shines through him?

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