The need for knowledge

Today, after my short kriya, I read a very beautiful point regarding mistakes. ‘A conscious mind can never make a mistake. It is only the unconscious mind that allows the possibility’. And, that immediately made me very excited about my ambitions in life.

So, today, I want to touch on the importance of spiritual knowledge. I remember Sri Sri Ravi Shankar saying once that the purpose of spirituality is to make you so strong within, that nothing can shake you in this world. Knowledge as people usually understand is through information collection and analysis of some form. But, true knowledge is what allows our consciousness to rise out of its shortcomings and grow, in every sense of the word.

I went through decades of schooling which was aimed at learning about the physical world, but no where has someone seen the need to teach us how to manage our mind. Students are thrown into universities to handle the highly difficult task of contributing to society through a specialization, but no one is shown the mind management that really holds the key to it all. A philosophy subject here and there attempts at scratching the surface by asking big questions, religious education gets closer. But, spirituality and the knowledge held in it, holds the key. Where science attempts to divide and analyze reality, spirituality allows the experience of it.

And, you gotta meet some of the awesome teachers that form the back-bone of Art of Living; the glow their presence radiates is so soothing to the heart and mind. Spirituality has allowed them to be some of the finest in their fields, all the while bringing a smile in the hearts of hundreds/ thousands of people around them. And, together, they have done some incredible projects for the betterment of the societies they work in.

So, when I see what spirituality has allowed them to do: Be the best in their careers, make a significant impact in their communities and live life with a very light and joyous outlook, I can’t but say that they have figured out the way to the best of humanness.

So, when I read today that by simply being aware of my actions I can make less mistakes, however simple that may sound, I am very right in being excited; the limitless potential behind the doors I am about to open.

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