Weekly Satsang at Art of Living center, Montreal

One of the beautiful aspects of my journey with Art of Living, is that it taught me the true way to celebration. And, satsang is one dimension of the Art of Living. In Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language), it translates to ‘the company of truth’.

So, what really is Satsang? To explain that, Ill have to zoom to a few years ago, to my first 6 months into practicing kriya, I ended up back in Mumbai to visit family. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was visiting and a ‘Meditate for peace’ event was organized. I found myself there in a crowd of 100,000 people. After a talk by Sri Sri, we meditated and started singing a few sanskrit songs. That day, I felt something in my heart; a very slight movement within. It felt very strange, like the quiet click of an unlocking door.

So, when I came back to Montreal, I wanted to find out what it really is about and went to the weekly satsang. I later realized that really was the opening door to my inner joy :). When I go to a satsang and sing these sanskrit songs, a profound state of joy envelops me. Sanskrit and the words are specifically designed to instill a positive effect within and around you. So, when one soaks their heart, mind and body in these sounds in a crowd of happy people, and need I mention the beautiful instruments played?, the uplifting effect it has is very profound. The happiness washes away all negativity piled up through the week, and I leave feeling fresh, magnanimous and full.

The levels of happiness one can reach in satsang is unparalleled to the vices that attract us. I have seen it in myself and many people who come to satsangs regularly, it allows for our mood, energy, positivity and happiness levels to stay high longer and help us focus on the important goals in life.

When there is a balance in satsang, seva and sadhana, then one really has the true sustainable way to be their best, consistently.

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