My first post.


Hello everyone,

Upon great introspection on the nature of the internet and its natural tendency to bubble up negative news and negative thoughts, I have decided its time for me to create a positive blog, a blog with optimism, a blog with enthusiasm, a blog with hope.
Every person has a great deal of history, unique in its turns and twists, in its joy and pain, in its successes and failures, and they have an amazing way to shape the individual. It makes each of us unique and special in ways we seldom appreciate. And, we carry this history and experience as a burden locked in our hearts, minds and presence around others. Time seems to make us heavier and slower, weighing us down with history than ‘lighter and better’ with the experiences and knowledge living in this world.
Similarly, my life had its ups and downs, moving out of my home country when I was 13, going for an Engineering degree in Canada, barely turning 17. Life did its job on me, and turning 23, I felt I was 67 years old. And, one bright day, cycling home to work, I hit upon Art of Living, in Montreal; and that week was when I was really born.

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