Ground reality!

The world is a tough place for most. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from an uncountable list of problems, let it be resource deprived communities, war torn countries, disease stricken neighbourhoods, or issues like slavery, lack of education, domestic violence. Our oceans and air we breath is a giant garbage dump. We rampantly and carelessly hurt our environment. One estimate states an almost 52% loss of biodiversity on the planet over the last 4 decades alone. In the mean time, entire countries are displaced due to wars, an estimated 46 million humans are subjected to some form of slavery, 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to basic sanitation, let alone the discussion about electricity, education, nutrition, jobs etc.

When you stop looking at western media’s selective news coverage and really open your eyes, the truth is inevitable; that the human way of approaching life is skewed in a very fundamental way. Why else do we keep repeating our mistakes and succeed in providing  heavy resistance to improvement? Be it for simple issues that we can fix: climate change, animal cruelty, preserving bio-diversity, at the very least voting for the right politician.

For the longest time, I wanted to change the world. I knew deep within the truth that ‘nothing is impossible by humans’. Yet, looking at this careless, almost lazy way humans allow for disaster after disaster to occur deeply pained me. How can Earth be made into a sustainable home for the soon-to-be human population of 9 billion within a century or two? Yes, there are institutions setup to resolve this very problem. And, recurring UN millennial goals are striving towards that goal, but one cannot hope to solve the human problem by throwing billions into thrashing the place and a few peanuts saved up for the cleanup!

The key in resolving this I soon realized, contrary to popular thinking is in healing and empowering the individual.

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