Our Sadhana and attitude towards it.

Seva, sadhana and satsang are 3 dimensions to a complete life. ‘Seva’ is outward service to others, ‘sadhana’ is true wealth and ‘satsang’ is the company of truth. Today, I want to talk about sadhana and in particular our attitude to it.

Wealth as we usually identify with is external, outwards; in the form of assets, relationships or fame. We are constantly lost in the pursuit of achieving this wealth and then, in the struggle to maintain it. But, true wealth is what allows us to be centered, happy and grounded independent of seasonal changes in life.

So, those of you who have learned S.K.Y have this tool that becomes part of your daily sadhana. By acquiring it, you have taken responsibility of your own wellness and have the ability to directly affect certain aspects of your life; be it mood, energy levels, quality of mind and health.

However many people who complete the Happiness workshop take the lukewarm approach in applying this tool, despite having noticed measurable changes after learning it. After the workshop is done, excuses from following through with the daily practice linger and soon S.K.Y is shelved. The workshop becomes a happy memory and life moves on.

As events sway from good to bad, negative thoughts continue piling up in our mind and stress becomes business as usual. And, as you begin seeking solace in external activities with/without success, S.K.Y is lost from you. As you play to the tunes of external events, you have implicitly put more faith in the outside world than within, the one true source of infinite refuge.

So, I urge those who have learnt S.K.Y and have seen its benefits to stop being luke warm and give it your best shot; with 100% of your efforts. Take the 40 day challenge and do it every day. Make a decision if S.K.Y is for you, on the 41st day whether any changes in life can be attributed to it. Investing 30 minutes a day for a high-potential habit is totally worth it, if it delivers.

Don’t let yourself cruise life on auto-pilot not having reached your fullest potential. Our life is incredibly short. So, I ask you to look back over the last 6 months and observe if you have really grown out of your experiences and mistakes. If not, sit down and make an action plan to get out of this rut.

Do not give yourself a chance to do less than 100%, for that is the path to stagnation and regrets.

For today, I leave you with this: How willing are you to work for your own success and happiness?

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