Care for Children foundation

Education is critical. We are all here today because of it. Through this platform, we have the means to exercise the freedom to choose. From career choices to relationships, wealth acquisition or fame, we are these un-caged birds today with opportunities only limited by our imagination, because of education.

But, what if, you were born into a family or society which cannot give you this education? What if you are one of those 0.8 billion adults who are completely illiterate today, or one of those 72 million children today with 0 access to it? Imagine attempting to function in a society that has no ability to sustain you, nor you to it?

Children’s education is the single most important charitable giving because it is an investment in our society’s future. Yes, governments across the world take education seriously, and access to education is improving, but the thing you have to remember is that everyone has to give a helping hand to solve this problem, letting the governments deal with it is not feasible, nor preferred in most cases.

Art of Living pushes the limits of what’s possible for such a young NGO to empower these children directly. Through the ‘Care for Children‘ foundation, over 400 schools have been established with >50,000 children studying for free. >95% of them are the first to receive education in their families. This education is holistic; everything from transportation to nutritional mid-day meals are taken care of for free.

And, this is all possible because of motivated volunteers and the Art of Living platform that allows for individuals to collaborate on high-impact projects seamlessly. What’s stopping this growth is only the number of helping hands available. Take a look at Yogathon. In its 5th year, it is already the world’s largest yoga event for charity.

Today, I ask you this, when so many organizations, especially Art of Living have stepped up to effect change today, what is stopping you from adopting a few children’s education and gifting a smile right now?

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