The quest of futility

Something my mind searches for, so elusive, so shy A source, a cause, a hook to explain this turbulence within, without realizing that it is the source of this cloud of dust. Something my mind searches for, so small, and so faint, Looking to blame this misery, this sorrow and this pain on it, without... Continue Reading →

The last mile before the beginning

Its 11 days to Art of Living Happiness program teacher training program. And, life has been shuffling, and re-shuffling, bringing various phases of my past into memory and the present. Some days I wonder, if I’m ready, other days, if my health will support me. Been 2 weeks since my stomach has been troubling me.... Continue Reading →

TTC training status update 2

August 1st 2019 Time for another status update  I got accepted into TTC. 4 weeks to go, and my excitement is uncontainable.  My training has been top notch.  On the spiritual side, I just finished the Ashtavakra Gita series for a third time. And in the two months I took to go through it this... Continue Reading →

Living memories, A visit to my past

- Sept 14, 2018 This weekend has been so fantastically fun, I am so happy I have made it to Montreal, to rekindle with the past I so fervently hesitated to return to, in my attempts to integrate into Toronto. From Beaver-lake side barbeques, nature walks on Mont-Royal, rekindling my McGill memories, canoeing in Chambly,... Continue Reading →

My summer’s quest for THE Ray of Light

The charm of warmth sooner or later fades away as summer heat becomes the norm. Yet, I love how we find reprieve in the cool evening neighborhood walks, the porch side hangouts, lounging at nearby parks or for the more ambitious bud: journey to the beach or beyond! Summer creates possibilities to refresh, relax and... Continue Reading →

Return of the Haze

-Can you plan and live simultaneously? As the summer steadily progresses, my new me is solidifying, allowing me to drop any doubts and look farther into the future. What do I see? I began to make what I call: The next 5 year plan! With steady work over the last 8 months, I am farther... Continue Reading →

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