The last mile before the beginning

Its 11 days to Art of Living Happiness program teacher training program. And, life has been shuffling, and re-shuffling, bringing various phases of my past into memory and the present. Some days I wonder, if I’m ready, other days, if my health will support me. Been 2 weeks since my stomach has been troubling me.... Continue Reading →

TTC training status update 2

August 1st 2019 Time for another status update  I got accepted into TTC. 4 weeks to go, and my excitement is uncontainable.  My training has been top notch.  On the spiritual side, I just finished the Ashtavakra Gita series for a third time. And in the two months I took to go through it this... Continue Reading →

Living memories, A visit to my past

- Sept 14, 2018 This weekend has been so fantastically fun, I am so happy I have made it to Montreal, to rekindle with the past I so fervently hesitated to return to, in my attempts to integrate into Toronto. From Beaver-lake side barbeques, nature walks on Mont-Royal, rekindling my McGill memories, canoeing in Chambly,... Continue Reading →

My summer’s quest for THE Ray of Light

The charm of warmth sooner or later fades away as summer heat becomes the norm. Yet, I love how we find reprieve in the cool evening neighborhood walks, the porch side hangouts, lounging at nearby parks or for the more ambitious bud: journey to the beach or beyond! Summer creates possibilities to refresh, relax and... Continue Reading →

Return of the Haze

-Can you plan and live simultaneously? As the summer steadily progresses, my new me is solidifying, allowing me to drop any doubts and look farther into the future. What do I see? I began to make what I call: The next 5 year plan! With steady work over the last 8 months, I am farther... Continue Reading →

Thorns within

Life. It really is … a wonder, a marvel. A chance at sentience, self-awareness, emotions, experiences both bitter and sweet; an opportunity exists in each of us to be, to exist for a flicker in the vastness of time. And it is so precious I cannot but smile at this wonder. Today I want to... Continue Reading →

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