My summer’s quest for THE Ray of Light

The charm of warmth sooner or later fades away as summer heat becomes the norm. Yet, I love how we find reprieve in the cool evening neighborhood walks, the porch side hangouts, lounging at nearby parks or for the more ambitious bud: journey to the beach or beyond! Summer creates possibilities to refresh, relax and really make it the time to unwind and be.

So, where am I today since my last update? What did I learn in my quest to execute 5 year plans? Really, that they are hard. The problem with plans whose intention is to build happiness is that, it is a fallacy at best.

Plans make our happiness a moving target. They move our mind off our centre to a future self, making it a great escapism from being attentive and present to the moment, and really learning & growing from today’s living, and today’s challenges. And, I realized that everything is constantly changing, from events, circumstances, people, especially ME: leaving my opinions and plans on any situation stale at best.

Obviously, there are certain things that need to be planned with discipline to allow for possibilities to flourish in one’s life. And, being committed to implementing and completing them regardless of the change of wind is paramount. But, beyond planning for studies, maybe a job or city to settle in, scripting one’s life based on said goals is futile. Do they happen exactly as we foresaw? Sure, run after something long enough, you will get it. But, I realized ultimately they are not the source of happiness. I am. Why not start the race with this in mind; let life throw whatever uncertainty in the mix, with faith that I am ready for any unpredictability?

I am understanding the importance of letting go of planning as a crutch tool and trusting in my ability to make any situation work, whatever life throws in my way.

And, through it all, I am learning to put my mind at rest, to stop trying to be ‘me’ and just being me. And, learning to be happy with whatever that is.

Fun, joy, love and life is here with me right now. How is any of it helping me stay here with me?

Despite my realizations, my confused state of mind still persists, but this is good, as its churning me to find what is really important for me. Though I bought a new car, maybe a condo purchase in the near future and the inevitable churn with big commitments; if at all I plan, I realized I want to plan to be useful, to create plans that make a difference to >1 life.

And, on the brightest side, I asked Sri Sri a silly question, ‘When will I be ready to apply for the Art of Living Teacher training program’. He said ‘You already are’… really giving me the most useful plan of all to turn my efforts towards 😊.

It’s time for me to get to work! But, by being dispassionate, light and free in my journey ahead, yet being with the fun and life that is right here.

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