Living memories, A visit to my past

– Sept 14, 2018

This weekend has been so fantastically fun, I am so happy I have made it to Montreal, to rekindle with the past I so fervently hesitated to return to, in my attempts to integrate into Toronto.

From Beaver-lake side barbeques, nature walks on Mont-Royal, rekindling my McGill memories, canoeing in Chambly, capsizing the boat while dressed in style!… Visiting my Art of Living Montreal centre which I so dearly supported for years, reconnecting with roommates and friends I have known for the longest time… The city hosts a huge part of me, and I have such deep connections to the city that it is indeed my home. My visit also aligns about 10 years to when I set foot at McGill. It was humbling to witness the very dorms and cafeterias that were my first footsteps into independence. Each year in Montreal has been special, hosting memories so strong and so necessary for my self-growth, both positive and negative that walking along what is now “Henri-Bourassa Street”, I was humbled with awe and honor for the life I have lived here.

When you get washed ashore on a new island where life begins anew, yes, honoring the present, being with today’s learnings and today’s challenges is necessary for growth, yet re-connecting with one’s roots has a very refreshing effect in reminding you of what you really stand on. And, witnessing where I was made, the people who helped me get to today, I felt so beautiful and content, I leave knowing I am not just a product of my recent setbacks/successes, but that I am much deeper and older & carry rich experiences and wisdom with me, with the ability to create and foster beauty wherever I am, and wherever life takes me.

I am simply at peace knowing where I spent my last decade. Yes, it is no longer today’s reality, but I carry this Montreal spirit with me wherever I go, and this dawned love is not for what has been, but for what is today within.

I sign off, with a little ode to my dear city Montreal:

Hey Montreal,

You are a beauty, a city where you hurt me, built me and nourished me. You gave me the chance at life-defining struggles, beautiful friendships, nurturing love and shelter at home far away from home. You allow for life in its simplest for simple folk like me to grow with the challenges, nurtured with the opportunities and fostered with the community you harbor. Stress doesn’t come to your doorstep as easily, you keep away the big-city worries at bay, and allow millennials a chance to live fully. Rich or poor, students can live in affordable housing right in your heart, a chance at world-class education right at your door-step, and fun-living right in the air. You allow for people to live and die, young at heart. And, a chance to shape themselves into a philosopher, a poet, the intelligent researcher, the avid engineer or the dedicated volunteer. To me, you have been a womb while I grew into them all, and more. And, I thank you for this chance, and I am forever grateful for a chance to have lived in your heart.

Thank you Montreal, for giving me the real stepping stone to learn how to live life. And, as I carry my learnings into the wild, I hope to use your wisdom to live life, not just worrying and trying and preparing for it.

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