Art of Living Teacher Training Journey begins

Spring has arrived once again. And its time to give a concise summary of where I am at.

Year 2019 has been all about moving towards my one goal: Art of Living Teacher training Program; scheduled for September this year. And, I have been making good strides towards that.

I repeated the Volunteer Training Program, co-facilitate weekly introductory workshops, continue to assist with Happiness programs each month, and volunteer however I can. Ofcourse, it helps being trained by some of the most successful teachers in Canada and having a wonderful team of volunteers to work and share growth with. 😊

Each Sunday, every Sunday at University of Toronto, I co-facilitate introductory workshops for new meditators. And, comparing myself from the first talk, to today, I am finally becoming comfortable standing in the shoes of a facilitator. And, its so beautiful…. As I start speaking, my heart opens and a smile dawns and spreads, that reinforces how beautiful of a task teaching is. Need I say how grateful I feel when people leave having experienced what Art of Living is all about, and are inspired to take our programs, or simply double down on meditation habits.

And, I am so excited to be on this journey, I want to savor every part of the preparation, every step of the way; and to let time bake me thoroughly…. For only then can I really be useful. :p

My health though cycles, comes together when needed. And, regular meditation practice combined with volunteering, polishes one in such a beautiful way, I am very grateful for my growth. And to top it off, the faith that dawns when you work for a larger positive vision, is something that really provides.

Today I am starting the Ashtavakra Gita series again for the third time. And, I am happy. Why? Because life when consistently nudges one towards betterment and supports in self-growth, you learn to relax and drop worrying.

I promise to be more frequent with updates and keep sharing what my heart longs to. For now, I leave you with this:

In this smudge of an existence we share on the vast timeline of space and time, look out and about to the beauty of creation as well as within to find that fountain of joy & love waiting to erupt and flood our life with celebration.

Life is short. Life is simple. Let’s share it with each other and grow… And, what better time than spring, the mark of beginnings.

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