Art of Living Blessings course experience

The spring effect, nor a great phase in life can explain the beauty of this program. Every Art of Living course has a beautiful during & after effect, but I wait months to capture what this course has been for me, to truly capture its essence. 

The Blessings program is an all-heart course exploring a different branch of yoga: Bhakti Yoga/ Divine love.  It’s a very light, refreshing course full of love, grace, knowledge and devotion. The processes helped me connect with my inner person, while the knowledge helped wash away that which was not conducive to my growth. The course allowed me to bring the hidden sides of me to light so that I can be one in totality with everything inside and out. It was simply marvelous to sit and watch this outpouring of grace and love, simply soaking me in blissful and ecstatic sentiment. Each day, it became easier to connect with that inner smile that kept my heart glowing. And, mind you, this dawning bright smile is and has since been unconditional.

So, what has the after-effect been like? This course has done a few things. Firstly, an everlasting smile has been established within. I am able to pause a hectic day and reconnect with my source, allowing me to appreciate the ever-flowing events with awe. This interestingly allows me  to brush off fatigue accumulated from any hectic day with ease. Letting go of this doership has also been miraculous in my attitude to life, and contrarily, allows me to achieve more.

Secondly, the course allows one to learn yet another important way to serve. How totally is one able to be there for others?. I finally understood the place a few Art of Living teachers come from: to have been the rays of light and hope in my life, bringing me out of darkness reminding me of the fun that awaits out there for me to partake in.

And, such a blessing its been to be able to take the course that I have been motivated to continue building myself, this time from a place of contentment; for there are people in my life I want to help & support. Each day I prepare myself, slowly stretching my capacity, so that I may have the time, strength, capacity and love to support my friends & family with all the love, grace and life that keeps flowing through me.

For those who want to know more what the Blessings course is about, stop. Expectations have a way of numbing an experience. But, if you want that unshakeable smile, that radiant step and gracious hand in your presence and actions, its time for you to take the Blessings course. 😀

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