Return of the Haze

-Can you plan and live simultaneously?

As the summer steadily progresses, my new me is solidifying, allowing me to drop any doubts and look farther into the future. What do I see? I began to make what I call: The next 5 year plan!

With steady work over the last 8 months, I am farther along than I ever imagined possible. These months have been about building me. And, as I see the fruits flourishing, with excellent health, increased mental agility, and a fearless step, I no longer need to doubt myself. As I look ahead, I am able to see myself help others with both feet firmly on the ground, and serving from a place of abundance: Intentionless service. I understand what it means to be a source of enthusiasm and how impactful it can be for others. Most importantly, for oneself, it can determine how truly has one lived. Afterall, I don’t want my whole life spent taking care of 1 person, that is my own.

Slowly, but surely, time and energy is freeing up. Clouds retreat to show me a future: leading a successful career, family life and being of service, balancing all of it with skill and ease. That is the life I wish to lead.

With all the Art of Living workshops I have been upto, with a disciplined approach to kriya and meditation, an undying smile has dawned within that was very easy to access, and a moment’s retreat was enough to restore it, making life truly celebratory.

Now, as I plot these 5 year plans, with choices bubbling within, possibilities spinning my future in different directions, the longer I dwell on it, a haze begins to return to my presence. Interestingly, what was once a firm experience as the truth has now retreated into my memory.

Sri Sri says: Worry creates anxiety, but planning also creates anxiety. I never looked at the impact of planning this way…. The more I plan, the more I am naturally focusing on the lack: that which I do not yet have. And, this has been growing anxiety slowly underthehood, eroding on this smile, restoring impatience and the usual baggage that comes with indecision.

Interestingly, I conclude: planning is not conducive to self-growth, contentment is.

Are you able to live in this world, rooted in your responsibilities, where you gotta plan :p & execute in an uncertain environment, yet keep that inner smile untouched while being the cool & calming presence for your family, friends and colleagues?

Now, that is a beautiful challenge.

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