TTC training status update 2

August 1st 2019

Time for another status update 

I got accepted into TTC. 4 weeks to go, and my excitement is uncontainable. 

My training has been top notch. 

On the spiritual side, I just finished the Ashtavakra Gita series for a third time. And in the two months I took to go through it this time, a great many lessons have been taught to me. Now, I truly understand what feverishness means and it’s effect on relationships, I understand the importance of gratefulness in spirit to allow a blossoming of the best within and around us, I understand the necessity to unify all the loose ends of my existence into one whole, to allow a single continuous self percolating through all my actions and situations. And several key concepts such as dispassion, contentment, unconditional happiness, freedom from the cravings and desires, and meditation without expectations. To name a few. Each concept is such well explained and one learns it not as a concept but as a firm, practical experience. And, I am forever grateful to have learnt the importance of them all, leading up to TTC.

Physically, well, I lost way too much weight leading up to the summer, and it was not gonna cut it. So, under the guidance of Krishnan Verma using his ‘healthier me’ program, I started a rigorous plan toward wellness. I also just completed the 8 week ‘liift 4’ fitness plan, feeling much healthier and stronger leading up.

In terms of sadhana, I am making sure I do 1-2 padmasadhanas a day, and mind you, it’s the easiest way to restore your balance to ones centre. And the royal throne is the beauty.

Through it all, I realized one thing, that I will never forget. This mind it mine is something that will travel with me everywhere I go, might be the only part of me that’s indestructible. And, whether people stay in my life or not, my mind certainly is my only companion eternally. How important is it then to keep it clean, to not cloud it with feverishness, hankerings, desires and judgements, to name a few, but to make it as beautiful as a while cloud, bringing shade and comfort not just to me, but those in my company? Isn’t that the only challenge we face in life?

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