The last mile before the beginning

Its 11 days to Art of Living Happiness program teacher training program. And, life has been shuffling, and re-shuffling, bringing various phases of my past into memory and the present.

Some days I wonder, if I’m ready, other days, if my health will support me. Been 2 weeks since my stomach has been troubling me. Things happen at work and in my personal life, reminding me how much more I have to grow.

But, every moment, a voice remains, nudging me forward, to have faith that I am ready. That inside me, inside everyone is that seed of purity, that beauty that makes everyone deserving of what’s to come. Trusting that my innermost core is beauty, is peace, is love, I march ahead, knowing whatever that’s happening on the exterior, is impermanent and will be washed away in no time at all.

I slowly but surely prepare for the journey ahead. With patience and faith, I begin my work again; restoring my sleep patterns, my diet, exercise routines and sadhana. Volunteering when I can, attending satsangs and devouring as much knowledge as my free time offers, I restore preparations for the march to come….

…In faith, in love, in determination and with conviction; because I know that I really want to become an Art of Living teacher. I want to be that beacon of light for people up ahead, bring smiles to as many people as my skills muster, and do my little part in shifting people from pain into the eternal celebration life is. And, I want to make this life count for something beautiful, something measured in number of smiles spread, not just my means.

So, I march ahead, knowing that this is a path I have chosen well, I march ahead, with a heart full of gratitude and in tears of joy, for this opportunity of lifetimes.

3 thoughts on “The last mile before the beginning

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  1. Congratulations for being selected to be able to bring help and bring solace to so many people around

    You will be fantastic teacher and a guide to many !!!

    All the very Best


  2. Lovely message from the heart kaushik. I have the same fears / excitement / apprehension as you .. We will make thru it with love and grace .. i can’t wait to read ur blog after we complete our TTC course 🙂

    Jai Gurudev !


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