Art of Living Deep Dive Yoga retreat experience

Art of Living Deep Dive Yoga retreat is simply marvelous. I just completed the workshop during Valentine’s day 2019 weekend. I have done a lot of Art of Living workshops to date, and let me tell you, though it sounds like just another workshop, its humbling to witness the inner depths I have managed to reach, that felt off-limits earlier. And, this course could not have come at a better time for me.

The Deep Dive Yoga retreat is a 5-day workshop that is specifically designed to experience Yoga, in its totality. And, the workshop managed to instill such a beautiful self within, leaving me feeling fresh, centered and strong. I feel so complete within, strong like a lion, yet beautiful like a fully blossomed flower. This experience makes each moment so new, and my presence so total, I can’t but smile witnessing this inner shift. Did it just take 5 days to get here? I have so deeply fallen in love with yoga as a result, nothing written can share this inner beauty with others, like insisting people to experience it for themselves! 😀

Sri Sri says, ‘the purpose of yoga is to create strong minds; to unite all the loose ends of one’s existence and become one whole’. And, as promised, I began to experience just that after a few course sessions. I was simply awed at the wisdom behind these ancient practices and the brilliance in the course creators :p. Its just Yoga! With the right practices, self-discipline and a dollop of dispassion, it simply becomes an everyday phenomenon, and for me, its beginning to.

So, what did we do in the workshop? Just Yoga really, in all its forms.

To start off, we had some cleansing processes such as Shankh Prakshalan, which immediately returned a sense of clarity and grounding. The daily yoga sessions and group practice helped kindle a deep love for my body, especially centering me. And, the signature process of the course SAHC (translates to ‘bravery’ in Sanskrit) allowed me to immediately experience unity within and a sense of fearlessness that sticks around; Evening satsangs experiencing Bhakti Yoga, Patanjali Yoga knowledge discourses, to name a few…. Each aspect of the course established a pillar of yoga within; And, I caught myself walking after one session, like a king, strong on the outside, yet with an inner poise I knew was my right to be.

I was frequently caught eating energy bars mid yoga poses in the past. Such was my interest in yoga. But, today, I have found the missing piece to complete me: the critical mind-body connection. If I cant love my body, be in my body, nourish and strengthen it, how can I grow in this life and reach the heights spirituality has in store?

And, today, I am positively excited since, a depth has been added within, motivating me to shed my fears, to let my inner smile radiate without hesitation and to live the king’s way.

If a few days of practicing yoga makes me feel with way, what would a consistent practice allow me to be? I can’t wait to find out.

And, for those who are ready to dive in, sign up for the next workshop.

Toronto dates:

May 14-19 2020

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