Meditation and I

Meditation is simple really, it is letting go. It is dissolving of the outer, and taking refuge within. It is unplugging from the huge barrage of external stimuli and giving into that inner silence. Meditation is the art of being you, it is simply pausing everything to spend time with your inner ‘self’.

People love putting meditation on a pedestal, out of reach procrastinating due to a long laundry list of reasons. But, true meditation is only reachable for the busy and active mind, for it is the one in dire need of care and rest. Once you have tasted the nectar in meditation, you will realize that it is everything and that it is nothing. And, taking refuge in it provides an enormous sense of relief, rest and love.

The beauty of meditation is that it brings our mind back to the present moment, it burns out our negative thoughts and cleans our mind-slate. It lets us savour each moment with that joyful innocence; letting us enjoy the tiniest of pleasures, while shielding us from the strongest of storms. And, as this junk in the mind starts disappearing, youthfulness returns, energy levels pick up. As each part of you unites, a powerful you begins to emerge with sharper skills to deliver on the set needs and responsibilities while restoring inner joy.

Meditation is not a skill one needs to acquire. Meditation is not a chore, nor an activity for the lazy, weak or the older minds. Meditation is simply the base substance of our consciousness.

Having said that, it helps to do a workshop that helps tune our thoughts to foster our journey within. I recommend trying out the ‘Art of Meditation‘ workshop if something clicked with you. It’s only 6 hours, but out you get a chance to meet yourself. If you are not ready yet, download the ‘Sattva‘ app. Guided meditations range from 5 min to 25 min.

The world does its best to show you that joy is not out there. So, why don’t you make an attempt to see if it’s within?

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