The power of an example

An example is simple; it is a manifestation of a principle, an ideal, a message or a state of existence. An example is a means to witness and envision that knowledge.

And an example can also be a beacon in periods of darkness, the guiding light bringing you ashore.

The beauty of an example is indescribable because the beauty allows one to see a manifestation, for me to witness divine qualities through that example; very special individuals who bring forth a living example of the simple founding principles of ‘Art of Living’.

The shade such an example has given me, the nurturing guidance I have received allowing me to grow, the forgiving and unconditional love that I was offered, a chance to develop my skills, fulfill my needs and grow my responsibilities, be my moral compass,  strengthen my willpower, fuel my passion to support my community and gracefully work in a team… The ability to be the glue in a creation, the joy in a group, the intelligence in a plan, the sound in a song or the beauty in celebration; when that example has facilitated that around you, can you but dissolve in the principle that has manifested in that example?

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