Sri Sri’s visit to Canada March 2017

Love. Love is the goal, love is the means. Love is our very existence. But, how far do we go to find love?

This time, I went to the ‘International Art of Living Centre‘, north of Montreal on the account of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit to Canada this March 2017. Amidst some of my favorite people in the World, being in the presence of Sri Sri, I had a very beautiful experience.

Why am I so attracted to the presence and activities Art of Living has to offer? The very moment I go to the ashram, the place lets me rest; a comforting and nourishing environment has been created out in the midst of nature for anyone to rejuvenate and relax. With nature walks, nutritious food, live music and knowledge sessions with Sri Sri, while being a helping hand where needed to serve the thousands that visit the ashram, I felt as though I was at the source. Sri Sri jokingly calls it the ‘Gas Station’.

On one side, hundreds are participating in self-development workshops learning meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and the like. While on the other, people visit to hang out, relax and be in Sri Sri’s presence. It is cute to witness this tireless crowd following Sri Sri’s every move through the ashram; from taxi to takeoff, while he lovingly attempts to minimize the chaos around him. He makes time for everyone; for the curious outsider who wishes to say hi, the devout disciples who camp outside his residence, or the army of volunteers with brilliant and innovative projects they would like to get advice and guidance on.

Sri Sri’s presence allows an eruption of joy and celebration. People glow with love and joy around him. As I stood in the evening’s electrifying Satsangs, as a witness to this eruption; from people young and old, irrespective of religion, race or gender, I finally understood the true source of love. Sri Sri’s presence seamlessly allows us to connect with our self and when this happens in thousands of people simultaneously… 🙂

Sri Sri brings the best in people. He tirelessly reminds us of the importance of spreading happiness in the World. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression throughout, not including the billions who need more serious support. Sri Sri says, ‘An organization has failed you, if it has not given you the opportunity to serve’. So, leaving the ashram on Sunday, I am thankful and proud to be a volunteer with the ‘Art of Living’ foundation, to be part of this platform that keeps giving,

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