The Gi-Go factor

Our mind-body system is very delicate. Are you taking care of it?

A common engineering term while testing a system is Gi-Go (Garbage in – Garbage out). If you are providing garbage data as input, you will get nothing but garbage out!

So, today, I ponder on this theme as I introspect on my “efficiency” through the last 6 months. Of the barrage of storms that hit us in life, a good chunk of them are avoidable by good self-care. Issues people have are different , but ultimately you are looking at common themes such as stress, anxiety, self-doubt and low-mood becoming a constant, making us slowly unaware and numb to the ‘Gi’ factor, that is leading to the ‘Go’.

In the Happiness workshop, we talk about the 4 source of Energy: Food, sleep, breath-work and calm-positive mind-set. All 4 are crucial in keeping us standing and being useful. Absence of each, leads to its own class of problems: Missing on your daily 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, as opposed to minimal sleep or effects of shallow breathing.

So, if you are feeling low, or you come to realize things can be better, bring your awareness to what you do to support your energy/prana! Come repeat the Happiness workshop if you need a refresher!

Most of life’s problems can be boiled down to the equation of prana. So, let’s make sure the Gi-Go factor is minimized from it.

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