Luck, belongingness and birthdays!

To me, writing is a beautiful way to connect with my heart. And, so much resonates with my heart these days… And, there is so much to celebrate for (even when my mind chooses to not see it :P).

Today, I want to talk about belonging and luck.

Sense of belonging is very important for each of us to be at peace within. Seldom do we acknowledge it, but it is this sense of belonging that gets us out of bed, allowing us to take responsibility and care for people/situations . And, this sense of belonging supports and nurtures us, with all the free-flowing love and care! But, busy lives as they are, as challenges accumulate in life, we begin to eternalize our problems, shrink our perception. Easily, we forget that we are not the only ones with troubles, and that we do have people who care for and support us.

And, thankfully, once a year, nature sends us a reminder from all around the world, as your dear and near ones take a minute to remind you that they still love and care for you; On your birthday! And, this year was a reminder I needed the most!

So, firstly, nurture belongingness in your life, and support in its growth. The entire world belongs to you anyways, but let that special day, each of us own, remind you of the love the World has for you!

And, secondly, it is this very love from Nature that drives problems towards you! Nature wants you to grow and grow! And, see ‘difficulties’ as towards that purpose. Successes allow us to grow by building our faith in the inner and the outer, but failures allow us to grow much more! Need I say how? Think about it, it is a tough pill to swallow, especially on the days you are feeling blue. But, as the old saying goes, ‘Every animal has its tail measured’. No problem will fall in yours arms that you cannot handle! And know that only the best is happening for you! Look back and see that nothing has ever happened, that truly damaged you, no matter the difficulties! And, nature has been providing for you even during the toughest times!

So, to my concluding question: Are we all lucky? Yes we are. Nature poured all its  love and care into designing you and provided all it can to support your growth. So, know this, drop any self-doubts and keep moving forward. Luckier ones are those who wake up to this and begin honoring and caring for themselves the way Nature wants us to. And, that is the realization I received on my birthday. I realized that a tremendous amount of care has gone into building me. How painful must he/she feel as I throw it all away, within minimal attention to my self. That moment,  a huge burden of isolation, vulnerability and inertia was wiped away.

I leave you with a little food for thought from Sri Sri: ‘Whatever is not conducive to evolution is poison’. 

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