Autumn’s hush

All around me a transformation is happening. Nature is preparing for the long rest. As she prepares to sleep, an ephemeral beauty spreads all around. The silent wind chill whispers lullabies while the Sun dials down its radiance. Trees respond with a multi-colored good-bye as life retreats slowly into hibernation. All around me, silence is spreading, leaving me intoxicated with it.

Autumn is beautiful. Having had our lion’s share of outward indulgence in activities and exploration, autumn nudges us to rest our feverishness for more and go inwards, to contemplate & introspect on our year. Its time to drop our drive to accumulate and focus on growing what we already have; beautiful relationships, learning new hobbies, and especially to focus on which that matters most to you!

As I walk through the autumn foliage, the silence is beautiful. I walk ever slowly lest the sound of leaves  at my feet wake her. A beautiful journey begins for her and us, as we prepare for the long haul. The days are shorter, but the way she nudges us to use it is ever profound. Our senses will soon tire of this exhuberant autumn fever leaving the only interesting thing to focus on to be you.

And, the journey for self-growth is never faster than now. And, my excitement for it is. I have beautiful plans to make use of this time, build on the beautiful relationships that have blossomed in my life, improve my meditation routines, keep my health at ease, my heart afloat and my intellect busy with knowledge from all fours.

How are you transitioning into autumn?

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