Becoming the Goal

On the 14th of December 2015, I write this small note; as the final makings of my thesis draft are in progress…..


When your entire existence comes together to achieve a single task; When your intention translates into dedication, steadfast energy and positivism giving you the result that you have been hoping for this year; When your beautiful  distractions with volunteer work and health issues turn out to help tie the knots in this chapter in life; When the learnings  from seva: selflessness, improved self-confidence, leadership skills & improved skill in action – empower you to take charge of your life, break past the shell you have sealed yourself in and drive you to the end goal; When the friendships you have made guided and nourished you enough to reach this day; When despite your poor food habits divine energy supported and provided for you and against all odds supported in crossing a huge milestone in your academic career…

Then, you realize that the infinity is there within you, around you, in every action and every moment. You realize the beauty in which divinity crafts events, and the beauty in looking past the concept of success and defeat at every step. You realize the insignificance of your existence, yet bask in the love of the infinity that you are part of. Life itself is beautiful, leaving me to wonder and simply dissolve forever… Layam Vraja.

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