The gift of health – Part 3

This is July 26th 2017; A bright young 26 year old boy is off to Mumbai on wheelchair assistance. When his mother heard the story, she was inconsolable in her pain. I have always been a stubborn kid, and I see things through to the end with any decision I take, an admirable trait. Yet, this is not the end they expected would ever happen.

My 6 week recovery in India though full of grace, support, love and healing, wasn’t without pain. Doctors tried all possible investigations, but nothing was medically evident apart from a mild vitamin-d deficiency and mild depression. So no cure was prescribed except TLC 😊 , good diet, exercise and solid counsel to straighten me out.

On the physical level, I recovered with immense rest, mom’s nourishing  food, a steady exercise regimen and lots & lots of mother’s care. On the subtle level, I practiced kriya (1) & padmasadahana (2) twice daily. And, for my attitude, every being who cared about me counselled me, for which I am eternally grateful. My whole world, most importantly my mother came together and gave it everything to provide me with the gift of health.

My parents and I didn’t see eye to eye on my treatment plan, nor in my plans to return to Toronto. They had lost faith in me and my word. Despite my resistance and the immense pain I caused them throughout, they nurtured me back to health. After pleading to my mother for one final chance to prove myself, she accepted on the condition that this is my last. No mother should go through such an ordeal I have put mine through.

And, when I showed sufficient recovery, I jumped the gun and returned back to Toronto as soon as realizable. I wasn’t ready, but knew the only way to fully recover was by living in the environment where the triggers exist and nixing them at the root. I had work to do….

(1) – Sudarshan Kriya is recommended twice daily only under specific circumstances. Please talk to your local AOL teacher for guidance.

(2) –  Padmasadhana is a beautiful 10 min yoga sequence followed by a 20 minute meditation.

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