Faith restored – The Conclusion, Part 4

I was nudged out to India in the gravest of circumstances, but welcomed back, not on the bed of thorns, but of flowers. Of course, the bed was the same all along.

I implemented the ‘15% solutions’ approach to get back on track, an idea suggested by a smart doctor in India: Invest in 5-6 solutions that are all supportive with an expectation of upto 15% benefit from any of them (i.e. avoid the urge to cling to one approach) and implement all of them. At worst they will work towards yielding a net 70-80% benefit, good enough to lead a content life. I called this phase the ‘Diversification of Happiness’. And, I worked towards implementing various solutions to enhance quality of life across all angles with judicious self-effort: from fitness, kriya/meditations, food, friendships, intellect boosting activities to introspective self-analysis, to mention the least. I have put in my best effort to get back on track. And, I just had to watch the magic unfold….

When you are surrounded by the best, it makes for a great healing environment.

It is quite beautiful really. This phase in life that has been blossoming over the last couple of months has been of rebuilding, strengthening, growing and of course healing. A lot many blessings are being showered upon me. Having my intentions right this time around, with a calculated target for recovery, a great many miracles occurred, rather outcomes that are in my perception desired ones.

For my health, I am grateful for my mother who despite all resistance from me has given me the gift of health.

I am grateful for my roommates for providing me with food, housing, shelter and most importantly good company. Least to mention old & new friends who made Toronto finally my new home!

Towards my career, I am grateful for an excellent boss and a wonderful team for giving me the time to ramp up, facilitating my re-integration with nothing but grace, optimism and faith in my abilities.

Towards my growth, I am very grateful for my mind for being receptive to the support, using it and growing with it. My health is thankfully better. My mind is at ease, my heart though palpitates with exploding ambitious, self-righteous anger, supports me well. And, overall, this phase of recouping is so beautiful, I am grateful that I am being prepared well this time. And, the beauty of it all, is that I am growing without a hankering for it all. I am simply at ease knowing that everything is good, one way or another. I now have enough physical strength, mental clarity, a strong heart and a great support team to never let my faith fall, my will falter nor my intentions corrupt under the weight.

Lastly, I am every grateful for the divine’s play in all this. Tearful, I can safely say my faith is restored. As I refuel, my platform rebuilds. A beautiful me has emerged. And, the best part of it all, is that my faith is keeping my feverishness and hankerings at bay. I am able to walk with open arms, ready to embrace all storms, conflicts, responsibilities while honoring my duties to myself. The day is near the horizon where I shall be of use again, on terms I shall be content to serve with.

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