Art of Living Silence Course Experience

-Silence in a capsule

Silence, absolute silence within and around. This state of living felt so precious, I was psyched and in love with the absolute stillness of the moment. There was so much love nurturing me in that silence, it felt as if I was carrying the cradle of joy in me. There was nothing there, yet the experience was rich with something indescribable.

That was my first experience of it, back in October of 2015, early ventures into Art of Living programs; now my absolute favorite: The Art of Silence.

It was interesting too how I was being thoroughly cooked in my own misery as the winter hibernation approached, with my summerโ€™s glorious episodes all but fading away, with health running on fumes, faith all but non-existent and desperation scoring top marks every day. I was lost.

Running low on funds, I had no idea how to escape from it for thanksgiving weekend. I knew a few friends going for the Silence program, and I knew I needed the getaway. With a strong intention in my heart, I made a few phone calls, a few emails, I got myself some support to take the program. Someone in Montreal was leaving for the course in 20 minutes. I packed by bag in 10 and ran to catch the ride. Little could I have imagined how during those 4 days, I will have had a transformational shift in me.

So, what is the Silence Program? On its outset, it is lots and lots of guided meditations. But, it is such a beautifully designed program with the intention to act exactly like an incubator for healing you inside out. The idea is to submerge you in silence so profound, you come out of it shining with newness. The course is typically out in nature, with everything organized for you, so you have nothing to do but to wrap yourself in it and rest.

The course progresses with processes to settle the mind and prepare you for the deep dive. And, then the silence starts ๐Ÿ˜Š. When you are not meditating, you are put to volunteer work to help tire the body to help with deeper meditations. The course is dynamic and restful. Evenings are filled with light music, some spiritual knowledge videos and Q & A sessions to ease the mind of its pestering stimulus.

Each moment I gave it everything I had, dropping my doubts and letting each process scrub me well. I did my seva with perfection, sang in the beautiful satsangs and soaked myself in the surreal Quebec nature. And, once I dropped everything, the moment then came to life. Connecting to the depths of the self and living each moment on no terms however short the retreat has been, has restored me in ways I can never truly fathom.

I came back to Montreal springing with joy, with all my feverishness gone, and my health restored to a degree I could work with. My cravings were fewer, my conscience levels high, allowing a trueness to spring in my day to day living. A faith was established inside me that I could drop into ever since, where I knew lies the source of life, the source of joy and the source of love.

It lies there absolutely still.

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