Thorns within

Life. It really is … a wonder, a marvel. A chance at sentience, self-awareness, emotions, experiences both bitter and sweet; an opportunity exists in each of us to be, to exist for a flicker in the vastness of time. And it is so precious I cannot but smile at this wonder.

Today I want to talk about the thorns within. A great many I have within, each pricking my heart in a unique way, paining me in each so very different way. Each week when one thorn pricks a little harder, I rush into feverishness and anxiety to remove it, to be free from it. And, one satsang, it dawned on me that it is these very thorns that make life beautiful, colourful and meaningful. How I cherish these thorns today, for they bring a smile within.

Each thorn pricks in a beautifully unique way, the pain adding depth to my person, colour to my joy, meaning to my experiences and humility to my presence. Each thorn reminds me not to find joy here, but to keep growing, to keep moving upwards to where the roses are.

And, now I refuse to run away from this pain, but be with it, move with it and love each of it with honor, for they are divine’s tools to uplift my consciousness and evolve. So, I am thankful for my thorns for they are mine and the pain they bring is only to bring me closer to myself, and allow me to repose within with ease.

So, gratefully I speak that I love this pain, for the richness life has to offer is unfathomable. Leaving me to ask my readers to question why thorns are perceived as the things to avoid.

‘Joy and sorrow are a concept of the mind’ – Sri Sri.

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