Sparks of spring

‘There is nothing but wonder in this creation’ – Sri Sri.

As spring gives us glimpses of hope, words cannot wait to gush out of my heart; nature is slowly sparking back to life to mesmerize us again.

On a Sunday morning stroll across Toronto’s beaches with friends new, my senses begin to capture this moment; With the pigeons back in the city, squirrels scuffling around on the trees, euphoric dogs uncontainable; with the sunny days, the whispering winds and the sounds of waves nudging Toronto to wake from its winter slumber, I cannot but say how excited I am to witness life returning to its lush existence after a seemingly infinite time.

My winter hibernation is coming to an end. I went inward and made several leaps in life. I have become an early riser 😀 and begun meditating regularly. When I go to work and spend an early morning hour doing Kriya, meditation and reading some knowledge using my new found love in Kindle, those few brief steps to my cubicle is like walking on clouds. Sri Sri says sadhana’s true purpose is to remind one of their true nature. And, as I keep with my routines, a smile has begun dawning within that promises to stay there unconditionally. I re-watched the Ashtavakra Gita series again, been attending Satsangs weekly, fostering amazing new friendships, working hard, playing hard, and attending to my body and heart with the reverence it needs.

As the surety of the Sun and its promised warmth increase, everything is being done in the back scenes to prepare to bring Toronto back to life. My inner retreat however beautiful, tells me its time to step out. Living in an incredible city with beautiful people and the potential for life undeniable, I cannot wait to engage.

When the trees yawn & wake to life,

when the air warms and smells of life,

when the city wakes up and bustles with life,

are you going to be awake enough to touch, feel, smell and hear the beauty that is about to wake up just for you?


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